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Episode 10 (YAY!) w/ Musician Dantès

JUG Heads rejoice for it is Tuesday. It is particular special because today is our 10th episode and of course has another amazing story with it.

Dantès is an audio visual artist with hits like “So Below” & “Killer” (do your self a favor & listen). You will get a behind the scenes look into the experiences that are woven into Dantès expression. 

Dantès Website!


Episode 9- Matt & The Quest For Equal Rights

Hi JUG Heads! I hope our absence last week can be forgiven, Alex forgot to press record (facepalm), but we are back! 

To make up for that we are talking with extra special guest Matt. He shares his early life and college days and the role he played in the 2015 supreme court ruling for equal marriage rights. His story and experience allows us to reflect on the progress we have seen in the country over the last few decades. 

TikTok: The LGBT Side w/ Lolo Dee

Whats up JUG Heads! Today Alex sits down with TikTok star Lolo Dee. Over the last year she has grown over 200k followers in the app. She shares the struggles of her coming out story and also the joys of making short format content in the TikTok app. Before her success there she had also gone viral on facebook. Lolo focuses her content on lesbian and LGBT forward ideas. 

Lolo’s TikTok

Lolo’s Insta

Lolo’s Candi

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