What is Just Us Girls?

We are the podcast for you to laugh with, learn from & drink to. Alex Swanson is your hostess with mostest, keeping you & the gals caught up & filled in. After flopping on OnlyFans, Alex decided to turn to a less visual media. He packs each episode with new guests, piping hot tea and all thing LGBTQ+. You can grab a bottle of wine or a broom while you listen in on our chats, but promise that we keep it between… Just Us Girls! Episodes released every Tuesday wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Somebody does this every week?

Absolutely! After years of trying Alex finally convinced a media company to let him host a podcast. Granted all it took was him to start that media company!

Just Us Girls may be his first (and possibly last) podcast but that doesn’t stop him from sounding like a pro. He uses his 22 years of experiences trying to be the funniest person in the room to steer conversations and get back some airtime from his guests! When he isn’t at Disneyland you will probably find him brushing up on politics, his instagram, LGBTQ activism and occasionally YouTube drama.

Keep us sustainable!

When I started this podcast I knew I wanted it to be a 100% free and accessible space for everyone. Your donations go to the cost of creating, hosting and growing our show. Thank You!

Alex Swanson – Host